Finpeda virtual space (fvs)

Finpeda virtual space (fvs) is a browser-based, virtual 3D environment where people can communicate and collaborate in real time.

Use it as your own virtual project space, classroom or meeting room and learn together as avatars!

Meet and collaborate remotely, but virtually ”face-to-face” as avatars using chat, voice, video, web pages, slides etc.

Scale and decorate the space according to your specific needs, be it a single room of a real-world building modeled for you!

You can download the brochure from the link below.

Finpeda virtual space – brochure


New media solutions (AR/MR)

New technologies and media solutions are a reality in learning and living. Our children have virtual access to everything except the most important thing: their school. New learning and training materials have mostly been e-books or digital materials from publishers. Students of this new era need learning solutions which they can update and modify by themselves and within their teams. They need to have different technologies, where they can move among different solutions, 3D Internet and immersive worlds. These technologies and environments they need to utilize in their learning and teaching processes.

New media solutions we are able to offer are Augmented reality and Mixed reality solutions (AR/MR) e.g. 3D-books or/and other learning materials. E-books are easy to update and modify. 3D printing is the upcoming technology for learning. Immersive environments create a continuum where you can start from the innovative physical environment and through your mobile device log on into mixed reality and then with your own personalized avatar connect yourself into 3D virtual learning and training environment.

We use realXtend technology as a basic platform and engine. Based on existing best examples, we are willing to search for new ways to work and utilize efficiently technology and distance learning in education.

To give your students an opportunity to work in 3D Virtual Learning Environment (3DVLE) and to use effectively tablets and mobile devices in education. The 3D Internet era is here!

3DVLE brings new opportunities to your students. They can cooperate in real time with peers from any place around the World. 3DVLE brings new motivation, active participation, and better knowledge retention. 3DVLE is an extension to your physical school premises, it takes your students to another level of social communication and gives them new skills for their future life. We can create for you:

Virtual schools

  • Learning and training environments suitable e.g. for Languages, History, STEM and MOOC’s
  • Vocational training environments for important drill procedures in different professions
  • Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality learning content (e.g. 3D book)

Immersive learning environments

Play, game and creative and participative learning activities will have a major aspect of learning in innovative learning environments with new technologies. The use of mobile and ubiquitous information and communication technologies including media walls, digital content, caves, and 3D virtual learning and training environments. However, learning has a role in social activity. Social interactions are also important in virtual learning situations. At its best, the virtual 3D learning environment is a multi-user social collaboration platform.

One issue is to bring physical and virtual learning environments close to each other in order to provide smooth interaction for users to learn in both environments and utilize the available material for learning. Media walls, corner caves, light cave environments, and media spaces are our specialties. We will also help you to use and adapt our learning solutions or customize the learning content by using game-based learning.

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