Finpeda offers innovations in education. We meet you where you are right now and evaluate your present situation. Together we plan and implement complete learning solutions based on pedagogy, architecture and technology. Our expertise comes from the world-class Finnish education system. The world has changed, learning has changed, and learners have changed accordingly while schools and learning environments have remained the same for a very long time.

Our mission

The Finnish education system is based on equality, high-quality teacher training, special education and support, and personalized learning solutions. FINPEDA is a Finnish company with a strong background in education and learning. Our mission is to offer you tailor-made solutions for “concept of school” and curriculum, pedagogy, physical learning environments, and technology definition. Our latest school innovation is a virtual learning environment.

Our solutions are suitable for learning and training in general. We find you the right solutions for education from a kindergarten, primary and secondary school up to high school, college and other educational institutes including adult education as well as company training and working environments.

“Together we are able to create the best learning solutions based on your needs. Education is the key to a better future – give the best start to your children”

We are your partner in
Innovations in Education