Finpeda Virtual Space (FVS)

Finpeda Virtual Space (FVS) is a browser-based 3D metaverse platform and scales efficiently to any user without need to install additional apps. Own spaces are created from templates which are easy to personalize from wide set of library items. With ready to use 3D elements, video and picture screens its simple to drag and drop content to the space. While accessing virtual space user is represented by customisable, persistent avatar and communicates real-time with anyone in the same space. All material shared and modified in the session is saved and secured. You can download the brochure from the link below.

Finpeda Virtual Space – brochure


Finpeda Virtual Space (FVS) takes training and business meetings to metaverse
in minutes with use of avatars, 3D assets and real-time content sharing

Virtual learning environments

New technologies and media solutions are a reality in learning and living. Finpeda with strong backround on education field continiously search for new ways to work and utilize technologies for distance learning and hybrid working habits.

Utillization of mobile networks and 3D technologies gives virtual access to digital content to any user. At the same time social interactions are also important in virtual learning and training situations to engage participants and develope teamwork skills.
At its best, the virtual 3D environment is a multi-user social collaboration platform and works not only in education but also for business applications.

Use of metaverse is reality today to build such solutions and Finpeda Virtual Space (FVS) takes training and business meetings to metaverse with easy browser-based accesss.

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