Would you like to learn the secrets behind the Finnish education?

Visit Finland, see how the Finnish education system works and meet with key developers.

Would you like to learn the secrets behind the Finnish education? Finpeda is organizing Finnish Education Study Tours (FEST), five-day programs, which will give you an inclusive picture of Finnish education and introduce you the latest innovations in the field of education. You will visit schools at all levels, observe in classrooms and speak to leaders, teachers, and students about the subjects you are interested.

Finnish Education Study Tours are organized in Oulu, which is the biggest city in Northern Finland. Oulu is known for technology, modern city life, and unique northern nature as well as high-quality education! During the FESTs, we will also visit Rovaniemi at the Arctic Circle where you will be able to meet Santa Claus and see the beautiful arctic nature. We will finish our study visits to a reindeer farm where we have a farewell dinner together.

Becoming tour dates:


*Summer FEST is organized during the summer holiday.

For whom?

Finnish Education Study Tours are meant for all those who are interested in the Finnish education system: teachers, school principals, decision makers, management, administrators etc.

Tour program:

Themes of the days:

  • LESS IS MORE – Introduction to Finnish education system
  • EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES FOR ALL – Getting familiar with the basic education
  • SETTING THE DIRECTION FOR LIFE – Overview of upper secondary school and vocational education
  • WHAT ARE FINNISH TEACHERS MADE OF? – A peak to teacher training and university studies
  • EXPEDITION TO THE ARCTIC CIRCLE – The biggest log school in the world and Santa Claus Village

For more information, see also the detailed study tour program.


1490 € + VAT 24 % per person. The price includes all school visit and presentations, lunches and materials as well as transportation to visit local schools and the trip to Rovaniemi to see Santa Claus. It also includes the visit to the reindeer farm and farewell dinner.


To register for Finnish Education Study Tour, fill the FEST registration form.

Tailor-made Finnish Education Study Tours

We provide also tailor-made study tours! If you are interested in a more specific program, please contact us and we will plan a study tour according to your needs. You can visit schools, educational institutions, and companies in Helsinki, Oulu, and Rovaniemi in three different Finnish regions. Each tour has a general part plus a specific focus on some of the following areas:

  • Strategic leadership and Innovations
  • Living Labs and Pilot projects
  • Teacher training
  • Kindergarten and comprehensive schools
  • Vocational and Higher Education
  • Finnish school design
  • Technology development and Education technology solutions

We have very good experience hosting groups for 3-5 days with size from 2 to 25 participants. We work together with Business Oulu and we are a member of Future Learning Finland network.

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